Unique Design

Our dreams about our outdoor spaces all need to be designed and drawn if they are to become a reality.


We offer this to our clients in two ways, firstly we would need to meet in person to discuss your ideas and dreams about what you want.


This mainly involves simply listening to the breif that you have in mind and can also include items like choices of materials, themes, colours, textures of foliage with plantings, timber finishes as well as practical items such as site access and budget.


Once the consultation has finished we can offer a design package to suit you. With either a Concept Plan or Site Plan to choose from.




A Concept Plan is usually an informal hand drawn topographic plan of the site that may include; sketches of specific elements for clarity, list of plants suitable for use and a planting plan. Usually this alone may be sufficient to construct your dream garden, the concept plan also includes a consultation.




A Site Plan is more in depth than a Concept Plan it is also hand drafted and is to scale of 1:100 or 1:50. Other features include a detailed list of plants and accompanying photo's, planting plan, elevations of specific features or details, detailed list of materials as well as finishing heights and depths for ease of reading. A Site Plan also includes a consultation.

Beswick Landscape Solutions Design Concept Plan

Styles we specialise in but not limited to...




Natural / Informal

DSCN1072 DSCN1236 DSCN0271 photo (6) courtyard

Courtyards &

Outdoor living

contemporary australian






Traditional / Heritage


Country Style



When people think of Japanese gardens they usually think of the typical bright red bridges and Shinto Tori gates, this is a narrow view of a very diverse and intriguing garden style with its roots and traditions going back centuries.


Having to learn the subtle details and traditional elements that separate a kitschy interpretation from a modern masterpiece is essential for any Japanese garden project.


We believe that there are very few people in Tasmania that have the kind of experience that is needed when designing and building an authentic Japanese garden.


As premier specialists in this field we have the experience and dedication to our art form for your next project




Zen Gardens


Water features and Ponds


Traditional Bamboo fences


Roji / Sukiya


Tsubo niwa (courtyard)




Style blends




Lets face it there's nothing like the feeling of getting back to nature when we've had enough of hectic city life.


We are lucky is Tasmania to have an abundance of beautiful landscapes, from tranquil rainforests to rugged coastlines and every landscape in between.


Why not try and recreate the natural world for your outdoor space? There is no better way to attract wildlife, butterflies and bird species


Australia has such a huge variety of endemic plant species that there is a native for any spot in every garden.


With years of extensive native plant knowledge and a burning passion for conservation and cultivation of native plants why trust your natural garden project to anyone else?



Tranquil rainforest


Bushland trails


Coastal gardens


Tasmanian native gardens


Australian native gardens


Wildlife & Bird attracting gardens

Courtyards are becoming very popular these days due to our shrinking home sizes. Todays clients are demanding modern outdoor spaces to compliment their lifestyles, and so they should.


There is nothing more exciting for a designer than to work with a small space and be given the oppurtunity to pack in as much functionality, texture, colour and above all style.


Outdoor entertaining has always been an Australian pastime with the iconic summer BBQ.


Nowadays entertaining outside has evolved from simply cooking sausages to stylish outdoor dining rooms with all the convenience and functionality of a commercial kitchen.

Modern Courtyards


Outdoor kitchens


Beer Gardens


Restaurant & Cafe spaces


Firepits & Pizza ovens




Roof top gardens

As our architechture becomes more bespoke and futuristic, pushing the boundaries of design and also pushing the limits of building materials our gardens must also follow this trend.


Choosing plant species that echo this architectural style is paramount to designing a contemporary space. How these plants interact with the hardscaping, surfaces and elevations is how it all comes together.


We offer tailored design services in which we can design an outdoor space to compliment your architectural style straight off your existing plans before the ground is even broken.


Contemporary styling is all about fine details in order for your garden to date gracefully like a good artpiece should.



Tailored designs to match your architectural style


Sculptural gardens

Water is easily the most crucial survival element for all gardens, the ability to survive periods of drought is truly a botanical marvel.


Having a broad horticultural knowledge base and also having lived in a variety of different climates is an advantage for us as designers.


It allows us to be able to choose a wide variety of low maintenance architectural styled plants where low rainfall and extreme temperatures are an issue with confidence.


Australia has a wide range of super drought tolerant species to be used in a water wise garden design that are both attractive and hardy. Whether its an American South-West design or an Australian desert landscape, we have the skills and knowledge to help you.



Desert landscapes


Australian native gardens


Alpine landscapes


Irrigation free gardens


Formal, Traditional, Palatial, Heritage call it what you will but in the end this style of garden harks back to a time of opulence and formality and are similarly themed.


Once only families of great wealth could afford the lavish and high maintenance gardens of this particular style. This day in age the formal style of garden has been recreated on a smaller and more affordable scale.


Multi layered hedges, sprawling lawns and fantastic floral displays are a common sight, it also helps that we have a professional maintenance service to keep your garden maintained as it was designed


Whether you have a large country property, a heritage styled home or just love this style you can rest assured that our team can turn your ideas into a reality.


Garden design for heritage homes


Fountain design


European style gardens




Modern day interpretations


Arbours and Conservatories

On the flip side of the formal style garden is the more relaxed country feel, sometimes referred to as a provincial style, often seen in rural areas of France and Italy.


With the use of different materials like chunky timbers, natural stone and the use of climbing plants and vines a softer and more farm house look can be achieved.


When you live rural like many Tasmanians do it can be difficult to choose a style of garden or outdoor space that compliments your home or property. This is where we feel the Provincial style comes in.


With elements of traditional farm living, entertaining with family and friends, planting edible plants and trees and overall laid back feel you can't go wrong.

French Provincial




Farm house




Spanish Villa

The humble veggie patch is evolving.


The demand for fresh organic produce has driven more people to grow their own, however not everyone is blessed with having green thumbs.


Whether you have acres of land or a few square metres of space on a balcony there is always the ability to grow your own produce.


There is nothing more rewarding than being able to eat your own fruits and vegetables and feed yourself, your family or your neighbourhood!


It is OK if you need a little help to get started, we won't tell anyone. Let us help you with your needs today.

Vegetable patches





Compost bins and systems


Worm farms


Shade houses


Green houses


Chicken runs/houses